TWICE Jihyo’s Daytime : From Pilates to Pork Belly Delights

In a recent episode of the popular MBC variety show ‘I Live Alone,’ TWICE’s Jihyo showcased a delightful blend of activities that gave fans a peek into her daily life. From her Pilates sessions to indulging in a savory pork belly feast, Jihyo proved that she knows how to make the most of her alone time.

Pilates for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Jihyo’s day starts with a commitment to her health as she heads to a Pilates studio on her days off. The seasoned dancer shared, “After years of dancing, I realized that my joints weren’t in the best shape. With knee surgery and persistent discomfort, I decided to turn to Pilates to transform my body in a different way.” Jihyo’s dedication to maintaining her well-being through Pilates serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care and finding alternative ways to stay active.

A Solo Culinary Adventure

After a fulfilling workout, Jihyo made her way to a local pork belly restaurant, where she embarked on a solo culinary adventure. With a mouthwatering order of pork belly and knife-cut noodles, Jihyo revealed that the place was recommended to her by her Pilates instructor. She recounted, “My parents enjoyed it even more than I did. So, whenever they visit, we end up coming here.” The cozy ambiance and the popularity of the restaurant among solo diners underscored the joy of savoring a delicious meal in one’s own company.

Unexpected Daytime Drinking

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The episode took an unexpected turn when Jihyo revealed her newfound fondness for daytime drinking. When questioned about her preference for alcohol, she confessed, “I wasn’t one to drink during the day, but when I visited my parents’ house, they would offer me a welcoming drink. And since it’s already evening, I’d have a drink to unwind. The next day, they’d even have a hangover remedy.” This revelation added a delightful twist to Jihyo’s leisurely day, showing her ability to embrace the simple pleasures of life.

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