Who is Korean Band_BTS(BangTan Sonyeondan) ???

Who is BTS(BangTan Sonyeondan) ??

Let’s Introduce them

BTS is the Korean boy band, consists of 7 members as debuted in 2013. It is a team that has won total six Rookie awards for the second years after their debut and also earned Golden Globe awards at second years after debuted.

Let’s take a look at the members.

They are divided into hip hop idol rappers and vocals rappers.

First, Leader Rap Monster(RM).
His real name is Kim Nam-jun and he is 94 years old.
Rap Monster(RM) is shorten for Rapmon is a main rapper, and he has also made rap-makings and released his mix-tapes before.

Jin is the eldest member of the BTS and is born in 1992.
He is in charge of sub-vocal and cooking at their accommodation.

SUGA’s real name is Min Yoon-gi.
He was born in 1993 and currently is a lead rapper.

J-Hope is 94 years old and was born in Gwangju city. So there is a part of BTS singing in Jeollado dialect. He serves as lead rapper and main dancer.

Ji Min was born in Busan City who in charge of main vocals and lead vocals.
His real name is Park Ji-min, who uses his real name as few member in BTS.

V (V) is originated from alphabet V. His real name is Kim Tae-hyeong, who was born in Daegu City, in charge of sub-vocal.

The youngest member is Junguk. He is from Busan and plays various positions such as main vocals, sub-rapper, lead dancer,so his nickname is called as the golden youngest.

BTS earns first No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 chart with “Love Yourself:Tear”

Congratualation on BTS !!!

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