Why don’t you try Chibap(치밥) ??

Hey, Guys 😀

Have you ever heard about Chibap ???? It comes from Korea, which is Chi (Chicken) + Bap (means rice in Korean).

You might eat just chicken in your Country, but In Korea, many of Korean prefer to eat Chicken and rice with spicy sauce.

So, Today, I ordered Jamaica Chicken from BBQ (Most popular franchise chicken company). It contains with spicy sauce so that, it’s good combination with rice.

Let’s see how to make Chibap !!!

First, you can eat three of them, moving the one to the side for Chibap.

You can also tear the one off with scissors, and mix it with rice.

If you eat more delicious, put some sesame oil and dried seaweed(김) that make you more delight 😀

The other way is making it like Sushi !!!

Ta-da !! Looks good~ isn’t it??

Why don’t try Chibap when you have a chance of ordering Korean chicken.

You will never forget this taste !!!

Author: Chris & Cindy

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