(Korean Market) Things to do in Macheon Traditional Market(마천중앙시장)

I’m Introducing one of Korean traditional market named as “Macheon Market” in Seoul to you guys. Many of you guys know and been to Tongin Market and Gwangjang Market. Because, they are located in near Gyeongbok-palace, and famous for Mayak Gimbap and Coin lunchbox. The market that i will introduce is not that famous by foreigners.

Anyway, Lets get started !

Where is this Market ?

This market is located at Macheon-dong, Song-pa district which is south eastern part of Seoul, and it is just near Macheon station, so that you can easily assess to it.

Actually, Macheon-dong is way far from the central of Seoul. It’s on the last station of line 5 in Eastern side.

But, If you are tired of being in busy and complex place, you’d better to visit here once at least.

Just get out from the Exit 1, then turn right and go straight in 5 minute as above.

Walk in 5 minute, then you can see the blue sign as “마천중앙시장” like this. Ta-dah !

Must-Eat !

The main reason to go to the traditional market is tasting cheap and delicious and various foods. am I right? 😀

It was first time for me too. I tried to find cheap and delicious foods.

Finally, I found it, then give it a shot. I made it out ~ Haha

So, If you visit there, just try this food. It is very reasonable price, and you would be surprise by the amount of the foods.

The first one is Janchi Guksu(Korean warm noodle soup) which is a simple warm noodle dish made with thin wheat flour noodles that are usuaully in a clear anchovy or beef broth.

It is well-known Korean traditional food and most loved one by Korean in all generations.

It costs just 3 dollars (3천원) and the portion is huge compare to the price.

The second is the Daeji bulgogi(Spicy pork BBQ) which is a Korean cuisine of marinated thinly sliced pork. This restaurant is “Ildo bulbeak(일도불백). If you can’t find it, just find the sign of the restaurant as above.

It costs just 7 dollars (7천원). It looks so yummy, isn’t it?

When you visit to Macheon market, Try it out !

Must-see !

For must-see, It is just normal market for other stuff. It sells just normal stuff like other Korean traditional market.

So, Nothing special here for seeing, but if you stay near here, you’d better to buy side dishes that is contained in plastic box.

As you can see it, It is normal Korean traditional market you have been, but there is no crowded, so that you can feel Korean in no rush. you got it?

If you like touring in Korean market, why don`t you visit here ?

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