[Enjoy Korea with Kids] Things to do in Jebudo(제부도)

Do you know the word “Campnic”? It means Camping + Picnic in Korea. Camping is very popular in Korea these days, but it is a little burden for parents with kids. So our family enjoy the Campnic. If you want to enjoy Campnic in Korea with Kids, we recommend Jebudo island. Enjoy Jebudo with Kids!

Jebudo Island is a mysterious island. This is because the waterway is open only during high tide due to the tidal difference, so you can only enter by car at that time. Now that there is a cable car, you can enter at any time, but the beauty is to enter at the time when the sea route opens.

Enjoy Jebudo with Kids! The reason why we recommend Jebudo is as follows.

First, the parking lot is cheap and spacious.

The second is that you can hit the tent freely. This is because camping is popular these days, and there are many places where you have to make reservations or pay in advance.

Finally, the child can enjoy mudflat experience, sand play, and water play.

Then what should I eat here!Jebudo Island is famous for its shellfish dishes because it has a tidal flat. Grilled clams, clam kalguksu, etc..If you’re with your child, I recommend kalguksu a little more, and there are also chicken restaurants and convenience stores, so it’s good to pack your food and eat it on a tent or mat.

When your child falls asleep, let’s enjoy the parents’ coffee time at a pretty cafe!

If the child’s physical strength still remains, you can see the sunset in the square or play a little more before you go.

For your information, you can check the opening time of the sea route on the website below. There is no shade, so bring a tent or parasol. It would be better to bring sand play equipment and toys that children can enjoy. I hope you make good memories with your children in Korea. Enjoy Jebudo with Kids!


If you want to go a historical cidy of Korea, click to the below link.


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