The Hottest Korean drama “Twentyfive-Twentyone” with Netflix

The Hottest Korean drama “Twentyfive-Twentyone” with Netflix

I’m introducing new Korean drama which has been released from Netflix. The name is “Twentyfive – Twentyone” that shows the romantic and love among young ages in the Korean 90’s background.

You can check Kim Tae ri’s naive and passionate characters !

Actually, one of my favorite actresses “Kim tae ri” has a leading role in this drama. I’ve started to admire her marvelous performance from the drama “Mr. Sunshine”.

Twenty Five Twenty One alternates between the present day and the past as it parallels the struggles of youth during both the COVID-19 pandemic and the IMF (the International Monetary Fund) crisis. However, it also focuses on the romantic lives of five characters in the ’90s, with the main focus being on female lead Na Hee Do, played by Kim Tae Ri, and male lead Baek Yi Jin (sometimes romanized as Back Yi Jin), played by Nam Joo Hyuk.

It is better to compare 90’s and current’s

If you are interested in Korean 90’s, you’d better to see this drama. It is totally new to you compares to current Korea’s atmosphere such as the people’s style, circumstance, the prices of food and others.

Chris & Cindy

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