(Korea Travel) Things to do in the Seoraksan Mountain!(설악산 국립공원)

Feel the nature in the Seoraksan Mountain!

Nowadays, it is perfect season to enjoy the autumn colors!
So I visited Seoraksan Mountain for a workshop with my colleagues.
Actually, Seoraksan Mountain is a beautiful place during all 4 seasons.
If you like climbing a mountain, you should go Seoraksan Mountain 🙂
Seoraksan is the third highest mountain in south Korea.
We were torn between below 2 mountain trail courses.

1. Ulsanbawi Rock

This course is climbing to that rock. It takes 2 hours and a half one way. Right before you arrive the destination, there is a steep steel stairs for a hour. So if you go there, be careful.

You  know what ? This rock looks always different when the season is changed.

When the summer comes

When the winter comes

It was for my husband in winter. what a different scenery? Can you feel it ?

2. Geumganggul Cave

This course is easier than Ulsanbawi Rock course. Even though there is also steep steel stairs, almost of the trail course is gentle.

Or go up the mountain by cable car! haha.

We chose Geumganggul Cave course, easier one.
For your information, parking fee is 5,000 won and cable car round ticket is  10,000 won.
And now let’s go!

Feel the fresh air 😀

Look at the water’s color!What a fantastic with the blue sky of autumn.
After one and a half, we are close to Biseondae rocks. The name ‘Biseondae’ derives from the legend of a fairy who flew up into the heavens while admiring the area’s beautiful scenery. The grand scenery of rocks and cliffs seem like they are touching the heavens, and Biseondae has inspired many poets and scholars through the ages. Some of their writings have been engraved on the rocks and are preserved to this day.

Here is not our destination, so we cheered up more.
Finally, we arrived in just below Geumganggul.

I am afraid the autumn leaves didn’t turn red and gold yet…
If you want to see wonderful autumn leaves, visit there in end of October.
Then you can see below beautiful landscape.

I also saw at the first time, some people did sport climbing in here.

It looks like a miniature haha.
Breathing the fresh air, we went down the mountain.
And now, it was time to enjoy the delicious food!
We decided to go to the restaurant selling the Cold Raw Fish Soup.

At the first floor of this restaurant, you can have some coffee with beautiful view.

Address : 14, Expo-ro 1-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea “Cheongchosu mulhwai”

When you go to the Seoraksan, there is a program climbing with local guide. So please refer to the website.

Thank you for reading!

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