Let’s go to the Newzealand(뉴질랜드) ! – Part 2(Twizel, Queenstown, Glenorchy)

Happy Life in South Island of New Zealand – Part II


Hello. I’m back with New Zealand Part II with Queenstown, Twizel, Glenorchy

When I was in NZ, it was really good. and when i’m doing blog work, it reminds me of being in natural and beautiful and wonder land back in march of 2018.

Anyway, back to NZ Part I, it ends with Hooker valley.

After tracking in Hooker valley, we went to Twizel.

– Twizel –

This town is located on way to Queenstown. It is good to take a rest after long drive for over three hours. We just drank a cup of coffee on the balcony in the yard.

I thought it is small town, but i heard that this city is the largest town in the Mackenzie District. and there are also nearby Lake Ruataniwha, supporting sailing, water skiing and prominent rowing event such as Maadi cup.

If you are on way to Queens town, why don’t stop by ??

After valuable rest time, then we kept going to Queenstown. There are so rough road on way, because Queenstown is hidden from the deep canyon.

– Queenstown –

Two and half hours after, We finally arrived in the town of the Queen !!!

As we arrived, it already came to the darkness, so we just took a water taxi from the Hilton resort to the downtown.

Even if we were exhausted, i couldn’t stop enjoy the night sightseeing. It was really beautiful, so that the camera couldn’t take the majestic scenery.

While having the breakfast, we admired the scenery of Queenstown, then we now started feeling the Queenstown.

What a nice weather !

To go up to the peak of mountain in Queenstown, we went to the station of Gondola. It heads up to the peak from 9 am to 8:45 pm. When we arrived at 9:30, it has already long queue for over 30 minute.

Wow Look at the picture. the long queue for over 30 minute is just nothing.  As soon as i stood up the peak, i couldn’t say anything and just look down the scenery like the landscape painting just draw by painter.

The Lake Wakatipu and the Mount Nicholas behind…..Everything is perfect for me.

There are also something you can enjoy on the peak. Like paragliding and Luge, etc.

I decided to ride a Luge for three times. It is not that exciting for adult, but it is good to ride with nice view. why don’t you try once at least?

Ta-da !!! Last selfie from the Queenstown !!!



Glenorchy is a small town at the northern end of Lake Wakatipu, just 45 minute by car from the Queenstown. It is famous for the place where Korean actor “Park Bo-gum worked for advertising for Edier.

Haha. I shouldn’t be posed like “Park Bo-gum” 🙁


While raining,  so that is  was so cold.  We tried to look for the cafe for hot coffee.

Actually, The cafe that i searched online was closed under construction. so only this cafe was open. Actually, there were just a few cafe in Glenorchy. So, If you visit to here, stop by this shop 😀

OMG. It is already 12:00 AM.

I gotta go the bed 😀

It is a wrap up this time. I will bring New Zealand – Part III Sooooooooooooooon ~^^




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