Have you ever eaten Korean Style Chicken(한국 닭)?

Have you ever eaten Korean Style Chicken(한국 닭)?

Hello. I’ here with Korean Chicken !

When I stayed in Sydney in 2009, there was booming Korean chicken restaurant in central of Sydney.

There was long queue everyday, but when I tried it, it tastes just normal one as i used to eat or it may be less than normal one.

So, i catched up Korean Chicken could capture the taste of the world.

Anyway, get back to the point. In Korea, there are a lot of Franchise-Chicken brand that most Koreans love.

Korean fried chicken differs from typical American fried chicken because it is fried twice; the skin is therefore crunchier and less greasy.

I will introduce the most delicious Korean chicken for you guys.

Different types of Korean Style Chicken

In Korea, we hardly choose the Chicken due to diversity of Korean chicken franchise for every nights. There are BBQ, Kyochon, Nene, Goobne, BHC, Hosigi, Mexican,, etc. I can’t count the number of chicken franchise.

They also serve so many different chicken on their own like Fried chicken, Seasoned chicken(Yangnyeom), Half-half chicken, Boneless(Sunsal) chicken, Smothered in leeks(Padak), etc.

There is no hierarchy, only a diverse range that caters to a variety of tastes.

Korean Culture : Chimaek

Neither fried chicken nor beer originated in Korea.

Like any celebrity power couple, chicken and beer have a co-joined nickname : Chimaek(“Chi” for chicken and “Maek” for maekju, Korean for beer).

It has been widespread in Korea since 2002 Korea-Japan world-cup. It turned out to be part of Korean culture since then.

Delivery Culture for 24 hours

Do you wanna eat some food at night? Whenever you want eat something, but you are lazy, then what can u do??

Don’t worry about it in Korea. We offer you the most fast-convenient food delivery service. Most Koreans and foreigners alike consider Korea’s staple culture to be its quick and convenient food delivery service.

The Chicken is also no exceptional. Why don’t you eat Korean Style Chicken at night ??

Let’s enjoy eating Korean Style Chicken in Korea !!! 😀

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