(Seoul Travel) Euljiro(을지로) : The perfect place to make newtro feel nostalgia.

It is easy to hear a neologism “New-tro” in Korea. “New-tro” is the combination of New and Retro. Many modern people miss their old days, so they want to visit the location where make them feel nostalgia. “Euljiro” is the perfect place for “New-tro”. A long time ago, various shops have been concentrated in Eulji-ro such as big traditional market and a tool store. Nowadays, young start-ups are opening pretty cafes or restaurants in Eulji-ro. So, if you go to Eulji-ro, you can feel the harmony between old and new Seoul.

First place, the food “Nak,Gop,sae(낙곱새)”

Nak,Gop,Sae(낙곱새) ; Boil the soup until most of the liquid evaporates and mix with rice.

As soon as we arrived in Eulji-ro 3ga subway station, we went to a shabby restaurant where sold Nak,Gop,Sae(낙곱새). NakGopSae is a spicy food mixed with octopus, tripe and shrimp. When you go to above restaurant “Daesungsikdang”, you can choose how spicy you want. After eating the food, you can eat fried rice which made by the sauce!

Second place, “Seun Arcade”, a great spot to see all of Seoul at a glance

Seun Arcade located in front of Euljiro-3ga station exit 5 or Jongro-3ga exit 12

Seun Arcade is Korea’s first multipurpose building. It enjoyed a boom in the 1970s as the country’s only merchant of comprehensive home appliances. With the spread of personal computers in the late 1980s, most of the computers and software were traded here. Light goods stores, including electric and electronic parts stores, have also been built around the building.

Next to the Seun building, there is a small museum for historical electronic devices.
The view on the rooftop of Seun arcade. If you see this sightseeing in the flesh, it will be wonderful.

From 2015, the Seoul Metropolitan Government started a ‘Re-built Project’ as part of urban regeneration and reopened it on September 18, 2017. On the rooftop of the eighth floor, “Seoul Oksang,” an observatory and shelter that offers a quick view of the city, including Namsan and Jongmyo.

I’d like to recommend a café and bakery in Seun Arcade. The Café’s name is Horangee(호랑이) and Latte is the most popular beverage. Next to the café, there is a bakery selling Madeleine. Enjoying the beautiful view of Seoul city on the rooftop of the building with Latte and Madeleine will be fantastic!

Third place, Namsangol Hanok Village, Feel South Korea’s ancient atmosphere

Namsangol Hanok Village. Picture with traditional view.

I like Namsangol Hanok Village, because it is very quiet there compare to other Hanok village. The village was constructed to provide a glimpse of the lifestyle of the time from the house of the scholar-gentry class to the house of the common people. Also, you can experience Korean traditional games.

Experience Korean Traditional game

Last, Night experience, drinking beer outdoors.

There is another attraction at night. After small stores shut down, tables are laid down along the alley. You can see another scene of the daytime. Why don’t you wrap up the day with a beer in a noisy atmosphere and cool breeze?

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