Korean Food Trip – Tteokbokki Buffet (떡볶이 부페) : “Dookki(두끼)”

Tteokbokki is the most loved Korean food !

Hello. I’m Coko. I will introduce Korean most loved food “Tteokbokki(떡볶이)” !!

It is commonly cooked food with seasoned spicy sauce “gochujang”, including fish cakes, boiled eggs, vegetables, etc.

It is also my favorite food and I’ve been eager to eat it.

Today, I finally went to famous Tteokbokki Buffet named “Dookki(두끼)” that nationwide branch dinning restaurant.

There is the “Dookki” around my home.

Here is inside of Dookki. There are different types of Tteok(Rice cake) and sauces to choose and cook what types of tteokbokki you want.

Look at the picture ! There are also many of ingredients like noodles, dumplings, fish cakes, vegetables. It’s self-service system, so that you go and pick some to cook what types of Tteokbokki you like. It is easy !!!!!

Remember it ! It has limited time “1.5 hours” to eat. and don’t waste the food for the environment, otherwise you have to pay two dollars more ^^

As you pick some ingredients you like, then pour it into the spot. Start cook !!

When you are done eating, then it’s time to eat Bbokkeumbap(Fried rice) with Tteokbokki sauce.

It’s the finale !! so don`t forget to eat it !!!

Look at it. Whenever I’m done it, i always eat this one ! You have to try once at least

It is fun to cook and eat yourself.

so, when you visit to Korea, you’d better to come over and get some experience 😀


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