(K-Drama) New coming Korean Show (Money Heist:Korea-Joint Economic Area) with Netflix

Money Heist is the Spanish crime-series which is the most booming show from Netflix. The Money Heist:Korea-Joint Economic Area is the remake from the Spanish drama. When it comes to an end with its fifth season in 2021, fans will be left with a Salvador Dali mask-shaped hole in their heart.

New Korean drama is coming soon

Netflix has announced the “Money Heist:Korea-Joint Economic Area” which is adapted from the Spanish crime-drama.

Netflix has put a monumental amount of effort in procuring some of the best and latest K-dramas available, fast-tracking itself as one of the best streaming services for K-drama-related content thanks to “Squid game”, “My name”, “All of Us are dead” that have led the K-drama.


In a recent press release, Netflix has confirmed all of the lead and supporting cast members of Money Heist

The Gang
  • The Professor – Yoo Ji-Tae
  • Berlin – Park Hae-Soo
  • Tokyo – Jun Jong-Seo
  • Moscow – Lee Won Jong
  • Denver – Kim Ji-Hun
  • Nairobi – Jang Yoon-Ju
  • Rio – Park Jung-Woo
  • Helsinki – Kim Ji-Hun
  • Oslo – Lee Kyu-Ho
The Task Force
  • Seon Woojin – Kim Yunjin
  • Cha Moohyuk – Kim Sung-O
The Hostages
  • Cho Youngmin – Park Myung-Hoon
  • Yoon Misun – Lee Joobeen

When is it coming ?

The latest teaser has comes out in January but, We are likely still months away from an official release.

It is supposed to release in first half of 2022, with the teaser trailer reveal, we may not have to wait that long after all.

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